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3 ideas on how to make the most of SuperTeacherKz marathon

How can I find time for this marathon?

Practice “Miracle Morning”

Morning is a perfect time to devote it to our professional development.

  • Prepare everything in advance – a nice breakfast, a beautiful notebook, a pen – and enjoy your time.
  • Use ‘don’t break the chain’ method – tick the days you’ve stick to a new habit and create a chain. You wouldn’t like to break it.
  • Small steps policy – don’t try to bring the changes radically, love yourself more and think on how it can work best for you.


How can I remember the new information?

Take notes

  • Sketchnoting – a magic tool, take visual notes to remember new information. You can watch the video workshop below and start sketchnoting now
  • Having an Idea Notebook – ideas are like birds, if you don’t write them they just fly away. Write down everything
  • Use ‘Dreaded Rewrites’ technique – during the quiz time it is perfectly fine to use your notes and articles – it is not a test for test – referring to your previous notes can also help you memorize everything better.

How do I apply the ideas in my daily practice?

Share your reflections, insights, practice results, and make public promises

  • Get comments and ideas from your colleagues. Sharing is caring.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate the results
  • Remember about energy management – don’t manage your time, manage your energy level. Ask yourself – what makes me happier? Hope that your answer is gaining mastery. Let’s help each other to become SuperTeachers!


We hope these tips will help you get the most of our marathon. Our special thanks go to Ayash Myrzabekova for sharing these tips with us!

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