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Eight Days a Week

Some professional development activities require time outside class to carry out, so it is important to allocate this time if you want to make them happen. The key to time management is being committed to fulfilling your agenda.

Even if you are not a teacher, you can still feel that there is never enough time for personal development. However, if we do not do our best and devote time to our personal and professional growth, there will be no progress whatsoever.


Planning time to carry out your developmental agenda and sticking to to your plan.

Step One

Get yourself a diary which shows a week on each double-page spread. Just like the one on the picture.

Step Two

At the start of the week, or the end of the previous week, block your working hours and other commitments in the diary.

Step Three

Do the following:

Allocate an amount of time to your development activity (DA). For example, if you want to read a professional journal or complete a SuperTeacherKZ marathon’s task, allocate the time you need (say 30 minutes). Try to add some ‘Work around Play’ activities that will recharge your batteries.

Decide when you will do this and block the time into your weekly plan.

Take the note of the advice below.

Managing times

Do …

–         Plan weekly;

–         Use a diary and have it to hand;

–         Block in time to do things as if they were a class.

Don’t …

–         Use your mobile phone first thing in the morning;

–         Always say ‘yes’ to people;

–         Admit interruptions.


Step Four


Celebrate! You did what you planned. You managed your time.


Reflect and try again. You didn’t do what you planned, or perhaps you succeeded only partially. Think about the reasons “why?”, and make some notes using the following prompts.

Did you allocate time in your diary?

What happened exactly at that time to stop you doing what you planned?

Did you follow the suggested Do’s and Don’ts?

How can you ensure success next time?

Step Five

Repeat the activity every week for the rest of your life! If this seems a little ambitious, try one week per month for a while.

Activity is taken from «The Developing Teacher» book by Duncan Foord

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