Season 2

S.2 PT.7 – Get That Job Done

We often generate ideas for our personal development or making improvements at work, but find it difficult to make them happen. This activity gives you a framework to make it easier to transform good intentions into results.



You plan a project with colleagues, using the SMARTER framework.

If you are not a teacher, use the framework to plan your individual tasks.


Step One

Look at the acronym SMARTER below, which gives a useful tool for elaborating on and refining objectives.

Step Two

Working with a colleague or colleagues, agree on an innovation or improvement you would like to make to your school, your course or your teaching. In the example, you would like the students in the school to read more English outside class.

Step Three

Refine your project by discussing your SMARTER objectives, building in the timeframe and feedback mechanism.

Step Four

Try some more SMARTER planning, perhaps in new groups, with one or more projects, such as using YouTube clips more, sharing materials, getting feedback, helping teachers get to know each other and so on.


Specific For all students to read one book by the end of November
Measurable Each teacher reports on how many of their students have read a book
Agreed Yes, by teachers. Need to get the students to agree, too.
Realistic Need to use graded readers.

Teachers will have to encourage and support work on reading skills.

Too ambitious? Do a pilot project with just a few classes.

Timebound Deadline – November 30th.
Ethical/Exciting Worthwhile to get the students reading more. It will help their language acquisition.
Recorded Send e-mail to the teachers concerned, outlining the project. Teachers to report on the results by Nov 30th.


Activity is taken from «The Developing Teacher» book by Duncan Foord

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