Season 2 useful tips

S.2 PT6 – Hygge Teacher

Hygge is a philosophy of life, Danish word that means coziness, happiness, warmth and comfort. We, teachers and parents, often forget to take decent care of ourselves, do not really pay attention whether we are content with our lives or not.

However, it is important to be happy – for us personally and as role models for our students and children.

Practice task

Create your resource list – activities that keep you sane and energized. Try then to organize your schedule as “work around play” – so you keep your batteries recharged all the time.

Here’s a sample resource list:

  • Art (lettering, drawing, design)
  • Sunday branches with family and friends
  • Daycation at your home city
  • Nice films with meaning (for example, “Like Stars on Earth”)
  • Beautiful stationery and books


Get some inspiration from #hygge or #hyggeteachers on Instagram and follow your resource list. Don’t forget to buy a warm scarf and thermal mug this autumn!


Still curious what hygge is all about? Watch the video below:


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