Season 2

S.2 PT9 – Idea Notebook

Ideas are like birds – if we do not write them, they just fly away. Especially in the Information era when we are happy to have a lot of content but the problem is that 95 % of it seems useless. A good idea is to keep your own Idea Notebook – simple and obvious way to be more creative.


Buy a nice notebook and keep it with you all the time. Brainstorm your ideas and review them later.


Our suggestion is to divide the notebook into different categories (use colourful stickers), like:

  • My book wish list
  • New techniques / games for the lessons
  • List of buzzwords
  • Useful apps
  • My resolutions
  • Powerful stories’ summary
  • Insights on books I’ve read
  • Productivity life hacks

Try to keep the notebook with at all times. Every single time you have an idea – write it down and don’t forget to return to it later.  By the way, this marathon is a result of an idea that was once written down just like this.

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