Season 2

S2 PT5 – How Tech-Savvy are You?

Aim of the activity

Follow edutech trends and become a digitally literate teacher.

Try something new

Sometimes we are unwilling to try new technologies at our lessons, but it is a great opportunity to follow the trends and involve students into learning process. Here’s some motivation: watch this TED talk. Before watching grab a marker and then follow the speaker’s instructions. If you don’t have time, just complete 3-4 cartoons.

How was it? Do you still think you can’t learn anything new?

Now let’s learn something else:

Step One

Write down your insights on the video. Clue – if we say we cannot do something, it might be just an illusion.

Step Two

Challenge yourself to try new apps in your classroom. Choose any app you really liked from the suggested apps below. If you have an app or website you would like to suggest, please do so in our Telegram chat or Facebook group.


Our suggestions

  • ZipGrade – to make test checking super quick.

  • – to engage your audience.

  • Kahoot – to have some fun while testing your students’ knowledge.

  • Plickers – to check your students’ performance.

  • – to do some research work with your students.

Step Three

Don’t forget to share your insights on this task with the hashtag #superteacherkz. You can do it either in your own social media, or in Telegram chat or Facebook group.

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