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What’s my stress?

Thinking carefully and objectively about the causes of stress can help you generate more positive feelings. Writing things down systematically, and alone, gives you time and personal space to do this.

Aim of the activity: to help you understand your stress, and work out a plan of action to deal with it.

Step One

For this activity, follow the Steps and make notes in the Pro-forma below. Give yourself time and a quiet environment to do this. At home on the sofa rather than at your desk at work, for example, and with a cup of tea and maybe two biscuits. Don’t worry about the crumbs on the paper!

Step Two

Think of something that is causing you stress at the moment in your work. State the problem clearly and specifically.

Step Three

Add some information and examples to illustrate the problem you have identified. Use these three prompts to help you: When do you feel this stress? Where? Who is involved?

Step Four

Generate possible solutions. At this stage, just brainstorm. Don’t rule any ideas out. Make notes under these three headings:

Avoiding/leaving the situation

Altering the situation

Altering your perception of the situation

Step Five

Evaluate the different options and choose one or two.

Step Six

Develop a plan of action. What will you do? When and where? Who will it involve?

Solutions for stress
The problem
The details




The solutions


Alter the situation:

Alter the perception of the situation:

The action plan


When and where:


































Activity is taken from «The Developing Teacher» book by Duncan Foord

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